July Mommies & Babies

Howdy people! Hope I'm not giving you a baby overload on my blog. It's just so much fun and joy photographing babies and children. Yes, some do cry while others sleep but when the cries gradually turn to smiles and laughter, both the mommies and the photographer become at ease knowing that phew.. the little one is going to have some nice photos of them taken.

So back in November, I was given an assignment to photograph 13 babies and 13 mommies in a single day.  All the babies during the shoot were born between late June to end July (July Mommies Group)

In all honestly, the job was both fulfilling and tiring. The tiring part was inevitable because the shoot lasted for a full 6 hours. Thankfully my partner / wife was assisting me so as to make the flow of the photo-shoot more seamless. YES it was also a very fulfilling job simply because the expectation of the assignment was met and all the parents left with a smiling face knowing that the photographer (me) has captured lovely photos of their dear little ones.

Haha.. enough said, here are some photos taken on the day of the shoot. Enjoy!

Happy 4 Month Old Sweethearts!

You must be wondering why is it that I'm always photographing baby Melanie and baby Chloe. Well that's because these two babies are my darlings and I know for sure that I will miss the days when they are this little in future. That's why whenever possible, I'll take pictures of them as they grow up so that we as parents can refer back to these pictures to reminisce the times when they were still babies like that.

Like any new parents, juggling between work and caring for the kiddos is always a challenge that causes stress, anxiety, unhappiness (especially between husband and wife), frustration and so forth. But what's awesome to know is that all those aforementioned negative emotions will dissipate when your kid gives you a big bright smile or giggle or better still, laughter - and you'll then realise that everything that you've given is absolutely worth it.

As both baby Melanie (7th Aug 2014) and baby Chloe (8th Aug 2014) turn 4 months old, I (we the parents) thank God for his grace on these two adorable babies. May they continue to grow up healthily and happily always. Happy 4 Months Old Sweethearts!

Extracted from @sharinpoy Instagram post:

Here Mummy's prayer for this little girl:
May you grow up to serve Him All of your days.
May He lead you and guide you In all of your ways.
May His hand bless your future with Friendships that last.
May you cherish your youth And not grow up too fast

(Chorus taken from Rachel Aldous' A Mother's Prayer)

Here's a lovely picture of my wife Sharin with baby Chloe (left) and my wife's elder sister Maggie with baby Melanie (right)!

Shay & Dinah's Pre-Wedding

Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I last posted anything on my blog. Well, the hiatus is over and it's now time to start sharing again and with that, I'd love to present to you Shay & Dinah's pre-wedding series.

As Shay and I were ex-colleagues from the same bank, I'd say he was a real charmer. He would often be charming the colleagues around him with his humorous antics and super jovial personality. Ladies both young and old (some guys too) were easily captivated by his charms. Well, as charming as he is, Shay only had eyes for that one special person.. and that person is none other than the gorgeous looking Dinah (sorry both young and old ladies & guys, Shay's taken!).

As an observer with the camera, I must say that the chemistry and romance between the both of them both off and on the photo-shoot are just incredible - which goes to show that they are truly comfortable in each other's presence - a true envy of many couples.

So here's my heartiest congratulations to you two beautiful souls. May the both of you continue to have your picnic under the stars and may the both of you hold each other's hands tightly as you grow old together.


Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
                                                                                                                   Robert Heinlein.