Local Pre-Wedding

Melbourne & Santorini Pre-Wedding 2015

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've all had a fantastic week so far.

Well, ever since the inauguration of Kelvin Luffs Photography, we have always wanted to help our customers create beautiful everlasting memories by simply creating beautiful pictures for keep.

True to our words, we are in the midst of planning two overseas destination pre-wedding shoots for couples who would like to create their love stories in some of the most iconic and romantic places on earth.

Melbourne (Australia)

Melbourne is truly one of the most ideal places for pre-wedding shoots. Lauded for its sense of style and elegance, it is known for its restored and preserved nineteenth-century architecture, built following the discovery of gold, while beautifully tended parks and gardens present a therapeutic backdrop for couples. Famed for its coffee and food culture, one can expect nothing less than a beautifully-roasted cuppa, perfect with a book in hand on a lazy afternoon. For the more adventurous, couples can opt have their photos taken at The Twelve Apostles, probably the most recognisable of landmarks in the world. Be spoilt for choice with the never ending opportunities for any style of photography you desire that Melbourne and Victoria has to offer!

Santorini (Greece)
If there is ever a word that I can use to describe my experience in this island, it would be - Unforgettable.

The island of Santorini:
1. Is one of the world's prettiest coastal towns. 
2. Has one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sunset in the world.
3. Is surrounded by mind-blowingly captivating scenery.
4. Is famous for their iconic white-washed houses with blue domes.
5. Has the Aegean Sea - 爱琴海 (Ài qínhǎi).
6. IS Pure Romance!

... and the list goes on.

Do drop us an email at info@kelvinluffs.com to find out more.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Shay & Dinah's Pre-Wedding

Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I last posted anything on my blog. Well, the hiatus is over and it's now time to start sharing again and with that, I'd love to present to you Shay & Dinah's pre-wedding series.

As Shay and I were ex-colleagues from the same bank, I'd say he was a real charmer. He would often be charming the colleagues around him with his humorous antics and super jovial personality. Ladies both young and old (some guys too) were easily captivated by his charms. Well, as charming as he is, Shay only had eyes for that one special person.. and that person is none other than the gorgeous looking Dinah (sorry both young and old ladies & guys, Shay's taken!).

As an observer with the camera, I must say that the chemistry and romance between the both of them both off and on the photo-shoot are just incredible - which goes to show that they are truly comfortable in each other's presence - a true envy of many couples.

So here's my heartiest congratulations to you two beautiful souls. May the both of you continue to have your picnic under the stars and may the both of you hold each other's hands tightly as you grow old together.


Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
                                                                                                                   Robert Heinlein.