My Little Precious Chloe

So what does having a newborn in the family means to me as a photographer? Loads of fun time taking pictures of my little precious Chloe of course.

Haha.. well, it is definitely more than that. Prior to the arrival of baby Chloe, I had always asked myself if I was capable of caring of my baby while concurrently juggle the photography business - it was a fear that had lingered with me till the day baby Chloe was born.

On the 8th of August 2014, when I finally saw our little princess Chloe for the first time; this first time gave me an experience I will never forget - the sensation of being overwhelmed by an immense sense of joy causing me to burst into tears. 

Suddenly, all that fear that I had harboured prior to seeing baby Chloe became a source of strength. Perhaps you may call this fatherly instinct that I knew I had to be strong to provide and protect not only baby Chloe but my lovely wife Sharin. This is also the source of strength that pulled me through the many sleepless nights in the past couple of weeks.

What I can say is that the arrival of baby Chloe has given me an even deeper sense of responsibility towards my family and my business. What better way than to make my baby Chloe a part of daddy’s business - be daddy’s model of course!

Here are some photos of my little precious. Hope these photos will give you the inspiration to not only love your children and family more but to take out your camera and start documenting the loved ones around you.

Happy shooting everyone!

Tyke & Toys!

To the Dad of this handsome kid, there is always a sense of urgency to pass along his enthusiasm for two wheels and there's no better way than to get the kid on the motorcycles and in pictures!

I can understand the enthusiasm because - Riding motorcycles is one of the best pastimes on the planet!

Make a guess, which model will this kid choose (Scooter / Ducati)?

Do enjoy these photos!

Think you've got a cool toy and would love your newborn / kids to compliment it, just drop me an email at to discuss more on your desired concepts.