Surprise Wedding Proposal

Kaden's Surprise Wedding Proposal to Aerisha.

I always love the excitement leading up to a surprise wedding proposal. All that anticipation really gets one's adrenaline pumping.

It is usually when the groom / boyfriend tries to do all it takes to (gather help from at least 20 friends, rehearsed the walk-in on the surprise it many times) ensure that the bride-to-be / girlfriend will be pleasantly surprised.

So for this wedding proposal, Kaden visited Songs of the Sea Sentosa countless of times to meet up with the manager for discussions and rehearsals on how the surprise would unfold, gathered the help of at least 20 friends to give support to his girlfriend and last but not least, to bear witness to the acceptance of this beautiful proposal.

The day finally arrived on 08/12/13 where Kaden despite the rain decided to go onto his knees and propose to his beautiful girlfriend Aerisha - "And She Said YES!".

Congratulations to Kaden and Aerisha!