Project 100 Heads

Hi readers! Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far.

So, something struck me last week while i was in the midst of my daily work of shooting and editing and I asked myself just how many people actually think about having a portrait of themselves taken. As everyone go through with their daily routines, some just miss the fact that our faces age and change by the day.

Are you one of those who will look into the mirror some mornings and comment about yourself in the mirror - "wow.. I've really aged a fair bit. How nice if I had a beautiful / handsome portrait of myself during my most youthful and most energetic days".

Well, the more I think about it, the more I feel that I should start a personal project on compiling Singaporean faces. And so, I've decided to commence my personal Project 100 Heads.

Upon reaching 100 heads, my plan is to have them compiled into a book and perhaps have it published - some would ask "who will buy this book and why will they buy?" - Honestly, I have no idea. It may be just one reason for me to start this personal project.

Because my aim is a hundred head portraits, I may invite friends, relatives or just about anyone via the social media to participate in this personal project of mine. So if you're invited, all I need is just an hour of your time and you'll have yourself a nice head portrait taken for your own keep. 

Here are some of the portraits I took over the weekend. Enjoy!

Blogshop Shoot

Concluded a shoot for AfterTwelves last weekend. Boy it was one heck of a fun session. Time literally flew by in the blink of an eye.

I always love good laughs with whoever I'm doing the photo-shoot with. Laughters usually bring about less mundane atmosphere; clients and models become less tense and the photographer can better capture the desired expressions of the models during the shoot.

So to me, getting the job done is the priority. Ensuring that my clients be comfortable, relaxed and happy during the photo-shoot is essential too.

Anyway, here's a snippet from that day's shoot.

AfterTwelves - Taken By Kelvin Luffs Photography(e).jpg

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